First post!

Okay, so this is mainly just a test post to see if I have everything set up correctly. If this works, I can send an email to blogger which updates the blog, which updates my twitter that I’ve updated my blog. And Twitter will update my Facebook. Gotta love automation!

So that there’s some sort of content, and the testing theme is applicable, one of my favorite scout skits when you have a large group of rambunctious boys who aren’t going to be able to memorize a song or lots of lines (like Tiger Cubs).

BSA Emergency Alert System Skit

(Leader walks up and stands center stage, all boys lined up beside him to the left and right.)

Leader: As you know, the BSA takes nothing more seriously than the safety of your sons. With this in mind, they have implemented the new BSA Emergency Alert system. What we are going to do now is test that system. Please keep in mind that this is only a test.

(Boys all make a loud, long beep like the emergency broadcast systems on the radio.)

Leader: Thank you for your patience. That concludes the test of the BSA Emergency Alert System. This was only a test. Had this been a real emergency, you would have heard…

(Boys run around screaming and waving their arms in the air.)

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