Scouts will be at National Night Out

National Night Out is a program that has been running in Middletown for the last decade or so.  Each year at a different city park there is a community-wide free event where the public can come and a free meal (hot dog, chips & a soda) and visit with a large number of community organizations (public and private), sign up for stuff and gret free swag.

The police are usually there, and they bring the SWAT stuff and the K-9 units as well, the kids enjoy that.  The fire department generally makes a big showing and brings their smoke house, a trailer that they use with kids to simulate a fire condition in the home and how to get out safely.  Usually the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is there, as is the Humane Society, Parks Department (now defunct), Keep Middletown Beautiful organization, military recruiters and a whole host of others.

Every year we go to this event and I say to Jenny, “You know, the Scouts should be out here recruiting!”  And we never are, and we go home and I forget all about it.  Until the next year, when we show up and I say to my wife, “You know, the Scouts should be out here recruiting!”

This year, we are! 🙂

I happened to catch an article on the Journal’s website about this year’s event and it quoted Sgt. Jim Cunningham.  Jim also happens to be the dad of one of our pack’s newest Tigers.  So I emailed Jim and asked how we could get the Scouts in there.  He emailed me back and said we’re on the list…it’s good to know people, I suppose.

So I called my DE and he will be there and I will be there with my Webelos.  I am going to be sure to wear my Commissioner uniform because I am not planning on recruiting for Cub Scout Pack 19.  I am recruiting for the Boy Scouts of America.  At this event we can target all age groups – elementary aged boys for Cub Scouts, middle school boys for Boy Scouts and older boys and girls for Venturing.  I am especially stoked to be recruiting for Venturing and Boy Scouts, the Cubs have a pretty good recruiting system in Middletown with lots of access to the schools but after Webelos the recruitment drops to near zero.

I will be trying to get some of our other Commissioners out there to help with recruitment efforts as well.  Sure, I could ask my Pack leaders but I ask so much of them already I don’t want them to have to recruit for Scouts to join possibly other units.  If you are a commissioner for Hopewell district and happen to read this blog (far fetched as it may be to think I have followers after blog post #4), can you please try to be there?  I’m going to try and bring out some flags and poles and swag, etc.  Our DE is trying to do the same.  I still need a pop-up shelter and I want to have something for the kids to do.

If I could figure out how to rip “A Shining Light” off my DVR onto DVD, I would so totally do that and set up a TV or laptop playing that in the background.  Wishful thinking I know; that’s who I am, I always find a way to over-do it at the last minute.

Details on the National Night Out in general and this week’s event in Middletown specifically are available at the links below.

I will try to post an update on how the event went on Wednesday.  If you have recruited at your community’s NNO before, leave a comment and tell me how it went!

Yours in Scouting,


Who:  Open to the public, all are welcome!
What:  National Night Out
When:  Tuesday August 3, 2010 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM
Where:  Jacot Park (4501 Grand Avenue, Middletown OH 45044)

National Night Out’s website –
Middletown’s 2010 NNO Flyer –

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  • middletownscouter  On August 4, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Last night went really well! My DE stopped by my office and picked up the stuff I had and got set up. I got there about 40 minutes after it started with some more info. No official signups, though we did have some people take apps, and I put out some sign-in sheets for people who wanted to be contacted by individual units in the area and about a dozen people signed up on those. There were also several more who I told about the school night recruiting events at the end of this month set for some of the area schools, and they said they’d go to those.

    I gave away about 50 glow stick wristbands (still have 100 left, guess they’re going to be used at a Pack event), and gave away about 25 t-shirts. At Cub World they are selling off all the previous year camp t-shirts 3 for $1. I bought 30, some were for Jenny, Jessie Jon and myself but the majority were as giveaways. Kids had to tie a knot to get a shirt, and the knot to tie was based on age. It was either an overhand (up to 1st graders), a figure eight (2nd & 3rd graders) or a square knot (all other kids). The adults who wanted to try had to do either a sheet bend or a clove hitch, only one guy tried and he was obviously not a scout in his youth!

    The overall turnout this year seemed pretty low, I think the possibility of rain scared them off but it was breezy and comfortable. I am very happy the Middletown Police Department allowed us to set up. Andrew (DE) and I talked about getting the District Committee to put it on the schedule for next year to get a Scouting presence at all the National Night Out events in our district next year. I think it would be especially helpful in places like Springboro and Mason where access to the schools is hard to come by or nonexistent.

    By the way, I have to say that I think we have one of the best DE’s around, Andrew does a great job and is always super helpful!

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