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Pack 19 has a program!

So back in June we held our “Annual Pack Program Planning Meeting.”  Actually we had two.  The Cubmaster couldn’t be at the actual meeting, so he and I, our Outings Chair and one of our Webelos Den Leaders met at Fricker’s and talked out some ideas that he had.  At the actual meeting, his Assistant Cubmaster was present and threw in some input as well, and we kind of knocked together a rough cut with that input, our previous year schedules and input from parent and boy surveys done in June and feedback from Pack and Den Leaders present.  Then we all got busy with a million other things and it kind of was left to stew for a month.

Yesterday we had the meeting to do the final review and approval of the schedule and a budget.  I took what we had come up with and used budget figures and actual expenditures from previous years to come up with a new budget.  The goal was to keep things affordable.  Our biggest issue is that our Charter Organization also sponsors Upwards Basketball and during January and February we do not have access to our normal Pack Meeting location because Upwards has practices scheduled during those times.  For 2010 we tried setting up off site meetings with ice skating and bowling and the cost was several hundred dollars increase to our budget.  This time around we put in rollerskating for one but the other we are going to hold a traditional (lower cost) Pack Meeting in an alternate location.

So we came up with a budget of just over $2500 for the fiscal/program year 2010-2011 (September 1 through August 31).  Based on a 50 boy pack which is usually our goal to be at after recruiting, we are looking at an annual fee of $72 without Boy’s Life Magazine and $84 with Boy’s Life (we made BL optional when we switched to ISA’s).  I am working on a condensed schedule to send out and upload to the pack websites.  We are going to have $half of the $72 due by August 31, and the other half due by December 31 (if the boy wants BL that $12 is due by 8/31).

I hope that this will help eliminate some serious problems we’ve had the last few years at recharter time.  We will see how it goes.  This is the first time we’ve done the pack fee due in August rather than November since we officially voted our fiscal year to run September through August last year.  Last year’s pack fee was around this same amount but due to the change in fiscal year it was that much only for 8 months!  This is a definite slash in our operating budget but none of us saw any obvious issues anywhere.  Pack Meetings will run lean but the pack has a very large inventory of items already that should satisfy most needs and since we don’t do snacks at pack meetings we don’t have to worry about food.

If I ever get so savvy with the blog that I can upload documents, I’ll share what we did.  I’m psyched that we have this part done and can now look forward to the program stuff.  Like skydiving this Saturday and the Reds’ Game a week from Tuesday!

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