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Bye-Bye Gurlz!

“No girls!  For a whole week!  Oh yeah!”  That’s what my son (Webelos II, 90% done with Arrow of Light and slacking hard) has been saying, anyway.

Because this morning I dropped off my daughter (Jr. Girl Scout, Bronze Award recipient) and my wife (Juliette Coordinator for the NOVA Service Unit of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Secretary for Cub Scout Pack 19) at Brandi’s house.  Brandi is Pack 19’s former Cubmaster, the Crew Advisor for Crew 1 and the Service Unit Manager for NOVA Service Unit, in addition to running her daughter’s Girl Scout Troops.  A service unit is the GS-USA equivalent to a BSA district, though usually a bit smaller.  NOVA covers all of Middletown and Monroe, and supposedly Madison will be joining the fold soon from what I hear.

Anyway, the girls are probably just getting into Tennessee at this point as they make their way to Savannah Georgia on a Girl Scout pilgrimage of sorts.  Savannah is the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA.  I’m sure they’ll have a great time!  Their departure makes our houndmutt Buckeye the lone female of the house.  Naturally, she is in charge.

While the girls are gone, Jon and I will be trying to knock out those last few requirements to put him over the top for his AOL.  The only one we cannot complete is to be an active Webelos for six months after completing 4th grade or turning 10 years old.  Sadly, I have not mastered time travel just yet (that would be an interesting Craftsman/Scientist/Engineer activity badge crossover project I think), so we’ll have to finish up everything else and wait until late September to mark off that final checkpoint.

Hopefully my wife can enjoy the trip and not worry about the state of the house so much.  It was mostly clean when they left, and she’s convinced that when they get back the property will be unrecognizable as a livable human habitat.  Like we’re just a bunch of dirty messy smelly boys or something?  Go figure.

We’ll let you know just how high you can stack pizza boxes once they’re empty.  And build a pyramid out of root beer cans.  That counts towards engineering or something I bet.

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